services of the DMT

DMT offers complete services for the mechanical design of electronic and electro mechanical products. From design support to full blown product development projects including qualification testing and product approvals.

Numerous successful development projects in the past demonstrate the huge benefits you can gain by outsourcing of the mechanical design of a product. The concentration on core competencies does not only provide cost saving potentials but also supports Time To Market requirements and provides access to the right service at the right time. The ability to use the latest technology, the best trained experts and the appropriate capacity is offering an excellent return on invest.

The synergy between different industry standards and requirements is another source for continuous improvement in the area of mechanical product design.

The complete solution for mechanical product design require the offering of the following services.

Concept Development

DMT - Design Manufacturing Technology - the company name itself reflects the working philosophy: Simultaneous Engineering. Starting with the first conceptional discussions, specialists for design, manufacturing and sourcing are part of the idea generation process. State of the art creativity tools are supporting this process. The objective is always to strive for the best quality at the lowest cost.

Industrial Design

Here in particular the early involvement of industrial designers and mechanical engineers is vital to achieve a product design with the best ID, the required functionality and lowest cost product This can be claimed and demonstrated for several successful implemented products. DMT is in particular proud that the contribution to the HP LC1100 series analytic product family from Hewlett-Packard, received several design awards in 1996.

Design, Product Development

An experienced and well trained team of specialists supported by state of the art CAD tools is assuring a high quality and rapid product development. This is true for all required technologies like sheet metal, plastic and foamed plastic parts.

Tooling and Sourcing Strategies

Pending on the customer and project requirements the team is working on tooling and sourcing strategies. Years of experience in multinational companies are available to our customers.

Rapid Prototyping

Typical product development cycles including testing and approvals of i.e. 6 months for a network server product can only be delivered with access to all major rapid prototyping technologies. It goes without saying that a well approved supplier base with well established communication links are prerequisites for quality and in time delivery.

Introduction to Volume Production

This is the time to proof strengths and weaknesses of a new design. DMT wants to be part of the ramping and take responsibility for new designs.

Sourcing and Supplier Management

For volume production DMT provides an excellent supplier base. Most of the suppliers are ISO 9002 certified.

More and more of our customers take advantage of our sourcing services. This allows them to further reduce overhead i.e. by reducing five or more mechanical suppliers down to one.

Complete Solution

The highest level in service is the complete solution in mechanical design, prototyping, testing & approval, ramping, volume production and end of life support. This approach offers further benefits but also more risk. Reduced complexity in particular in the bill of material as well as clear defined responsibilities are the benefits of such a approach.