references of DMT

Hewlett Packard

Almost across the complete product port folio of HP there are products implemented based on E-PAC ® Some of the examples are:

  • HP LC1100 Device Family
  • HP LC1100 internal chassis
  • HP 8453 Spectrophotometer
  • Serie HP9000/715 Green Workstation
  • OTDR HP 4310
  • HP Codemaster 100 Defibrilator

  • SUN Microsystems

    In only six months starting with the product definition and ending with introduction to volume production the new unveiled Sun Netra Server is demonstrating both the huge cost reduction potential due to reduced manufacturing cost as well as support of Time To Market goals.

    Six months development time including all testing and qualification is a valuable competitive edge.

  • SUN Netra Server

  • Parsytec

    Merely more than six months passed by during the development of the new parsytec CC series. DMT developed the complete mechanical concept for the massive parallel computer. DMT also acts as the complete solution provider for mechanical parts to Parsytec. DMT delivers complete mechanical kits to the assembly line.

  • CC-Series

  • Siemens AG

    A range of portable automotive test equipment is under development for Siemens. The first already anounced product is the unit for Volkswagen. The product is designed for rugged environment in the maintance stations.

  • VAS5051
  • Sidis-W

  • Bürkle Elektronik

    Redesign of a standard industry PC ( 19" rack system)

    ASCAD and Borgware

    Both companies acting as partners to HP are selling engineering solutions.

    DMT as HPs Beta-Testside for Solid Designer und Sheet Advisor is offering customer presentations and trainings with the appropriate background of industry specific know-how.