Target markets of the DMT

The skill sets, CAD tools and processes and in particular the patented technologies are supporting DMT activities in different markets. The leverage of different market and product requirements, low and high volume products are beneficial to each project. Our customers benefit by having access to a broad know-how and experience base.

Computer- and IT Industry

The typical product specifications and requirements actually lead the team to the invention and development of E-PAC ®. With years of experience and numerous applications, this market remains very important.

HP 9000 Series 700
SUN Netra Server

Test- and Measurement

High demands on ruggedness, light weight design for portable instruments are typical for this market sector. In addition there are very stringent requirements for electromagnetic Immunity ( EMI/RFI).

OTDR HP 4310

Medical Devices

Similar to T&M devices medical products are demanding ruggedness. Additional requirements with high priority are patientís safety and product reliability.

Defibrilator HP CodeMaster 100

Analytical Instruments

Besides electronic components this product sector typically incorporates lots of mechanical components such as motors, pumps, valves, transformers, also optical assemblies etc. Most of them are either heavy or very fragile or both. The laboratory environment is asking for extreme corrosion protection against all kind of chemicals.

HP LC1100
HP 8453

Automotive Applications

Besides extreme climate conditions inside vehicles, the shock and vibration is very stringent. The numerous electronic and electro mechanical modules inside a todayís dashboard is asking for a most intuitive and cost effective assembly. E-PAC is offering shock and vibration insulated mounting schemes thus eliminating most of the moutning harware.

Based on market surveys, product analysis and actual customer contacts DMT sees potential markets as follows. It is our philosophy not to talk about projects or new customers prior to authorization and product anouncements.